Freelance Video Director / Technical Director and Media server programmer / operator. I have experience with sports, music, studio and on-location broadcast. I am also familiar with LED products and processors, as well as projectors and several camera types / configurations.
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PTE Productions is a multi-award winning audio visual and event staging company that maximizes results and impact, along with a stress-free and fun client experience. We are committed to utilizing your resources efficiently, creatively, and responsibly.
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Good Dog Digital located near both of Toronto's main airports primarily provides camera rentals: Sony FS7, PDW F800, Canon C300 MKII, Sony A7SII, 5DMKIII, IO 4K, GoPro, 17" OLED Monitors A170, EASYRIG, VARIO5, EF Lenses and Metabones PL adapters, etc.. We also carry basic LED Lighting and Grip.…
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