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All of the equipment in this pkg. is excess inventory that has been meticulously maintained and refurbished. I’ve been collecting gear for most of my working career and it’s time to clean out the cupboards. This package is a great launching platform for anyone setting up shop or perhaps producing their first independent feature film. As you will see from the pictures the Dodge Ram 2500 comes completely outfitted with a modest grip and lighting inventory: (I can email pictures)
1- 4k HMI Desisti Fresnel
1- 2.5k HMI Desist Fresnel
2-1200 HMI PAR Desisti
1-Joker 400 HMI PAR
2-Arri 2k soft lights
1- Mole 2k Zip lights
2-Mole 1k Zip lights
4-650 Fresnel lights (Strand)
1-1k Mole open face
1-650 Mole open face
2-4’-4-bank Kino Flo
1-2’-4-bank Kino Flo
1-2’-2-bank Kino Flo
8-lights stands (various sizes)
4-Combo stands (various brands)
1-Shiny board
2-Flag sets (various sizes and rags)
2-sets of apple boxes
1-4x4 Mathews frame kit
6-ft ladder
10-stingers (20amp & 15amp)
1-colapsable production cart with top shelf
Various grip hardware in a crate & extra gels, correction & diffusion.

The 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 has a lot of miles (250k) but, it has been very well maintained and was recently touched up with fresh paint on the roof, quarter panel and rear. These vans are work horses and the engine is a strong as the day I purchased it. The training was replaced back in 2009. The real value is in the interior design and compartments. I designed it for run and gun shooting in a small footprint style. There only two minor issues that I will fix once I get a commitment. The fuel gauge (needs new sending unit) and one rear leaf spring.

I am taking offers in the $20k to $30k range. Interested parties can see it in the San Diego region.
Call Mario for questions, (858) 518-0487 email: (please leave me a message as I get a lot of calls from telemarketers and don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize). Happy shooting!