AAydn Tech Hurricane JR.

Denver, Colorado


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Carl Filoreto

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The Aadyntech Jr LED Kit is IP65 Rated. Perfect for news eng crews when working outside in the rain. Requiring less than 1 amp of power, the 5600K daylight led light fixture is so easy to use. Power it with AC 90-240 volt or DC battery 24-32 volt. Amazingly provides 650 foot candles at 10 feet, just what you need to fill in a face, when you have the sun as back light or a very bright background. The compact daylight source weighs just 5 pounds and is quickly replacing many small hmi lights on location. The on board dimmer adjusts light output from 0 - 100% without a shift in color temperature. In addition, 5 Pin DMX input / outputs provide lighting console control. Light beam is controlled by the use of spreader lenses. As the beam is spread, light output decreases, but light beam covers a larger area. This kit also contains a softbox (light bank) and speed ring, for mounting the soft box to the light fixture.
This kit is very lightly used and in almost new condition.
Kit includes barn door, remote dimmer, diffusion lenses, hard gels, scrim bag, and wheeled road case
IP65 rated with weatherproof head and power supply; performs in all environments
650fc @ 10 feet
5600K CCT
90-240 VAC or 24-32 VDC battery powered
Weighs only 2.4k/5lbs
.85 amp draw
5°/15°/30°/55° lenses
Dimensions without yoke and handle 8.5”x6”x5”
No measurable UV or IR emissions
Can serve as the primary light source or provide excellent side or back fill