April Fool Film Festival

Chicago, Illinois

04/01/2008 — 04/01/2008

Film Festivals


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It''s been another ''wonderful'' year in advertising. Sure, you can update your portfolio with SOME of those projects but the OTHERS... well, now you have a place for those too. Getty Images and Foundation invite you to submit your own, or someone else''s, good ideas gone bad at the 2nd Annual, April Fool Film Festival for a chance to win an Apple iPhone.

Visit aprilfoolfilmfestival.com/submit where you can submit a spot, or tell your story for a chance to win an iPhone. Or if you think someone else is more deserving then you? Why not sign them up and watch as they finally get the recognition they deserve. It can only make your book look better.

Grand Prize is an Apple iPhone.
Open bar compliments of Getty Images, Foundation and Undisclosed Locatio