Advanced Coldfusion 9 Development

Future Media Concepts
Orlando, Florida

01/30/2012 — 02/01/2012

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Advanced ColdFusion 9 Development provides ColdFusion application developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice that they need to build, maintain, and scale effective web applications. Topics include using the Application Framework, creating advanced queries, manipulating complex data in arrays and structures, structuring your code with ColdFusion Components, gracefully handling errors and exceptions, encapsulating your user-interface with custom tags, leveraging external Java code libraries, and creating highly interactive interfaces using Flash Forms. It includes optional content on exposing and reusing application functionality as web services and working with XML documents. This course focuses on creating and delivering scalable and well-performing applications.
This course is for developers with prior ColdFusion experience. To take this course, you should have:
• Complete the Fast Track to ColdFusion 9 course, or the equivalent experience building ColdFusion applications.?• Experience developing web applications using ColdFusion for at least three months upon completion of the Fast Track to ColdFusion 9 course.?• Practical experience using CFML tags, functions and variables.?• Practical experience with the SQL command set, including SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE
Note: The curricula below comprise activities typically covered in a class at this skill level. The instructor may, at his/her discretion, adjust the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Components
* Creating ColdFusion Components?* Introducing CFC Syntax?* Invoking Static CFC Methods?* Using the Application Framework?* Configuring Application Settings?* Handling Application Events?* Handling Request Events?* Locking Shared Scope Variables?* Handling Session Events
Lesson 2: Advanced Component Concepts
* Creating instance-based components ?* Instantiating instance-based components ?* Associating data with components?* Defining CFC properties?* Documenting component properties?* Using the getter/setter approach?* Restricting method invocation?* Restricting component methods by user role?* Walkthrough 1: Persisting components and data in memory?* Building components with inheritance?* Using super to reference like-named parent methods and properties?* Inheriting from Component.cfc?* Walkthrough 2: Using inheritance?* Building components with scripting ?* Defining a component using scripting?* Using the local scope ?* Using script functions implemented as CFCs?* Walkthrough 3: Building components with scripting?* Using Administrator API components?* Administrator API components?* Working with the Administrator API ?* Invoking ColdFusion and JVM internals ?* Walkthrough 4: Using the Admin API and Java components
Lesson 3: Code and Content Reuse
* Creating custom tags?* Language support?* Custom tag elements?* Using custom tag attributes ?* Calling custom tags?* Walkthrough 1: Simple CFML custom tags?* Creating CFML simple nested custom tags?* Start and end tag notation?* Nested processing?* Subtags?* Custom tag instance data?* Processing modes?* Walkthrough 2: CFML simple nested custom tags?* .NET integration with ColdFusion 9?* Overview of ColdFusion and .NET?* Connecting to .NET assemblies?* Using .NET assemblies?* Walkthrough 3: Using a .NET assembly?* Creating web services?* Understanding web services?* Publishing SOAP web services?* Expecting non-Adobe clients?* Using WSDL documents?* Generating WSDL?* WSDL message elements?* Registering WSDL documents in the ColdFusion Administrator?* Creating RESTful services?* Walkthrough 4: Creating a web service?* Calling web services?* Using ?* Using ?* Working with basic authentication?* Modifying the SOAP header to support WSSE authentication?* Using CreateObject to invoke web services?* Walkthrough 5: Calling a web service
Lesson 4: Handling Errors and Exceptions
* Introducing error handling?* ColdFusion error handling?* Customizing application error messages?* Site-wide error handler?* Walkthrough 1: Defining a site-wide error handler?* Application-specific error handling?* onError()?* Handling missing file errors with onMissingTemplate()?* Walkthrough 2: Handing page-level errors?* Handling exceptions with try/catch?* Implementing the try/catch methodology?* Usage example?* exception types?* structure?* Walkthrough 3: Using and to handle an exception?* Exception handling frameworks?* ?* Walkthrough 4: Building an exception handling framework
Lesson 5: Developing Advanced GUIs with AJAX
* Introducing ColdFusion AJAX functionality?* ColdFusion 9 AJAX features?* Debugging ColdFusion AJAX applications?* Using the ColdFusion AJAX logger?* Using Firebug ?* Walkthrough 1: Debugging AJAX applications?* Making background data requests?* Returning data from remote CFC methods?* Securing your AJAX requests?* Using ?* Walkthrough 2: Making background requests with ?* Developing the user interface?* Using container tags?* Using to display web content in a dialog box?* Using to define tabs and collapsible sections ?* Using to embed pseudo-popup windows in your page?* Walkthrough 3: Using layout controls?* Working with bind expressions?* Working with bind expression syntax?* Binding text fields with the @ modifer?* Binding to * Using a bind expression with ?* Walkthrough 4: Using bind expressions ?* Submitting form data asynchronously?* Using ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm()?* Explicity invoking CFFORM validation?* Retrieving object/attribute values?* Building the action page?* Deploying ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm()?* Walkthrough 5: Asynchronously submitting forms?* Using special text input fields?* Using autosuggest text fields?* Working with the DateField selector?* Using the WYSIWYG editor?* Walkthrough 6: Implementing rich text controls?* Working with ?* Deploying for use with large datasets?* Making a grid editable?* Controlling a grid using the JavaScript API?* Walkthrough 7: Using ?* Visualizing data with Google Maps?* Acquiring a Google Maps key?* Using and ?* Controlling a with JavaScript?* Walkthrough 8: Using ?* Working with video?* Styling the component?* Using the Javascript API?* Walkthrough 9: Using
Lesson 6: Working with Documents
* Generating PDF files from ColdFusion?* ?* Walkthrough 1: Generating a PDF file?* Manipulating PDF files with ?* syntax?* Adding security?* Adding watermarks ?* Generating image thumbnails?* Merging multiple files into a PDF portfolio?* Extracting text from a PDF file?* Walkthrough 2: PDF transformation?* Pre-filling PDF forms?* Pre-filling form fields with ?* Making client-side requests from a PDF form to ColdFusion?* Walkthrough 3: Working with PDF forms?* Posting data from a PDF form to ColdFusion?* Posting form data?* Posting a PDF form through HTTP?* Accessing PDF scope data?* Walkthrough 4: Handling PDF form submissions?* Working with spreadsheets?* Reading a spreadsheet?* Populating a spreadsheet?* Writing a spreadsheet to disk?* Walkthrough 5: Working with spreadsheets?* Creating dynamic presentations?* About Adobe Presenter?* Creating dynamic presentations?* Working with ?* Using ?* Using ?* Putting it all together?* Walkthrough 6: Creating dynamic Powerpoint and Flash presentations
Lesson 7: ColdFusion ORM
* Introduction to ColdFusion ORM?* What is ORM??* Why use ORM? ?* ColdFusion ORM architecture?* Persistent object configuration?* What is Hibernate??* Coldfusion ORM and Hibernate ?* Configuring ColdFusion ORM?* The Application.cfc file?* Granular control of ColdFusion ORM?* Walkthrough 1: Enabling ColdFusion ORM?* ColdFusion ORM mapping ?* ColdFusion component mapping?* Defining property mappings?* Walkthrough 2: ORM component mapping ?* CRUD operations with ColdFusion ORM?* Creating new entities?* Saving and updating entities?* Reading entities from the database?* Deleting entities?* Event handling in ColdFusion ORM?* Walkthrough 3: Performing CRUD operations?* Defining relationships in ColdFusion ORM?* Tables in the example data model?* Attributes of a relationship?* Using to define relationships?* Walkthrough 4: Working with relationships?* ColdFusion ORM session management Hibernate sessions ?* Hibernate methods
Lesson 8: Scaling Applications
* Configuring for scalability?* Understanding JVM memory limitations ?* Modifying JVM settings?* Modifying request settings?* Walkthrough 1: Configuring for scalability ?* Understanding and identifying scalability bottlenecks?* Minimizing the amount of work performed?* Identifying slow performers?* Leveraging debug output ?* Using ?* Load testing ?* Using the ColdFusion server monitor?* Walkthrough 2: Identifying bottlenecks?* Using asynchronous processes to improve performance ?* Using ?* Walkthrough 3: Creating asynchronous processes?* Caching recordsets?* Query-based caching?* Caching queries in a persistent scope ?* Walkthrough 4: Caching query results?* Caching content with ?* Introducing the newly enhanced ?* Working with attributes ?* Custom caching mechanisms?* Walkthrough 5: Using
Appendix A: Additional Resources
* Finding Adobe resources ?* ColdFusion documentation?* Online resources?* Finding third-party resources ?* Blogs?* Websites
Appendix B: Student Setup Guide
* Installing student files?* Minimum system requirements?* Required software ?* Obtaining software ?* Installing the software ?* Configuring ColdFusion Builder