Smoke 101: An Introduction to Smoke

Manhattan Edit Workshop
New York, New York

11/25/2013 — 11/27/2013

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Hosted by Manhattan Edit Workshop

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This three-day hands-on course introduces key interface components, media management, editing essentials, color correction, basic animation techniques, keying and compositing. This course also provides an introduction to ConnectFX/Action: Smoke’s powerful 3D compositing environment. The goal of this course is to enable editors and compositors to quickly learn the essential skills needed to use Smoke in the post-production industry as well as understand the concepts that will allow them to expand their skills while using Smoke in their daily work.

What you will learn:
• NAVIGATE the user interface
• PERFORM basic editing on the timeline
• APPLY and EDIT timeline effects
• COMPOSITE multi-layer scene
• CREATE a basic 3D scene
• RENDER and EXPORT the final project

Who should attend:
The course is designed for users who are knowledgeable of editing and compositing workflows but are novice to Smoke.

• Knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation
• Familiarity with compositing and/or editing applications such as Final Cut Pro, Motion or Color is recommended

What you will walk away with:
Smoke 101
1. Understand the Smoke workflow
2. Reveal the power and capabilities of the timeline effects
3. Acquire an introductory understanding of 3D compositing

Smoke 101 Course Outline:

Day 1:

Getting Started

Start Smoke
EditDesk Overview
Interface Layouts
Timeline Navigation
Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Editing

Source/Record View
Source/Record Timeline
Overwrite Edits
Insert Edits
Sliding clips
Trimming Clips, Heads & Tails
Cue Marks
Cuts & Editorial Dissolves

Media Workflow (part1)

Project & User
Library Interface
Import Media
Load & Join
Source and Record Areas
Starting a New Sequence
Saving your Work
Switch Project

Timeline Effects

Introduction to Soft FX
Resize FX
Timeline Controls
Introduction to the Color
Copy FX
Gap FX
Focus Point
Process FX

Day 2:

Color Correction

Introduction to the Color Warper
Matching Shots in the Timeline
Triptych View
Timeline FX vs. Desktop FX
Balance Shots


Introduction to the Text Effect
Introduction to keyframe animation

Media Management (part 2)

User Preferences
Drag & Drop Conform
Organize Media
Sequence Workflow
Network Options


Process and Export the Timeline

Compositing on the Timeline

Introduction to Axis FX
Vertical Editing
Matte Container
Axis Controls

Day 3:


Master Keyer introduction
Refine the Matte
Patching Techniques
Tracking Introduction

Introduction to 3D Compositing

Introduction to Action
Interface Overview
Create a Multi-layer Composite
Position Elements in the 3D Space
Action Schematic
Render the
Clip History

Course Cost: $1,695

Class runs from 10am - 6pm. Each student will have their own workstation.

Students may take Smoke 101 & Smoke 201 as a bundle for a total of $2,449 if they register and pay for the classes at the same time. Students will have up to a month to redeem this bundle. That's over 15% off! Please register via our website registration page and indicate in the comments box which dates you are signing up for and you will be charged the appropriate amount.

Cost: $1,695