Introduction To Adobe After Effects


TurnToTech 184 5th Ave (4th Floor)
Manhattan, New York

11/19/2013 — 12/04/2013

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This 3 class course is intended to give students a solid understanding of the basic functionality of Adobe After Effects and the confidence with the interface to tackle more complex projects and workflows. Each class is broken up into two halves, in the first half students will assemble and animate a layered puppet. In the second half of the class, the 3D camera will be introduced as well as basic z-space animation.

Class 1:

Proper project set up and asset organization
File types
User Interface
Basics of Animation:
Properties [postion, rotation, opacity, etc.]
Generative objects [Text, Layers, Objects]
Alpha Channels
Class will usually end with students creating an opening title sequence for a film.

Class 2:

Puppet Animation
Anchor Points
Nesting Compositions
Pen Tool
Color Correction
Layer Styles
Track Mattes
3D [Layers, Lights, Shadows, Depth of Field, Generating a Camera]

Class 3:

Color Key [Green Screen]
Camera Tracking
Motion Tracking
Output Rendering