Proven TV Pitch Strategies


Orlando, Florida

04/16/2014 — 04/16/2014

Seminars / Training / Workshops

Hosted by Jeanne Simon of Sell Your TV Concept Now

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During this 60-minute FREE virtual workshop, we’ll reveal why Hollywood is more dependent today on buying ideas from independent producers like you… Why some of the best ideas come from those outside of the "Hollywood System"… And how to get your TV show idea in front of A-list Hollywood players. You’ll also discover:
The number one mistake TV show creators make when approaching Hollywood about buying their show (if you don’t do this one little thing right, you’re doomed from the start… yet it’s so easy to correct)
The formula veteran executive producers use to catch a buyer's attention and allow them to instantly visualize how your story will look on the screen
Find out where you fall on the pitch terror spectrum and how to get out of the red zone

The 3 biggest myths about network executives

Find out why a pitch is not a one-sided presentation

We'll reveal how to bring out your inner "pitcher" (It's not scary at all)

#1 reason why networks say "NO"

Why sending your pitch package directly to a network exec or production company is the WORST thing you can do (and what you need to do instead that is much more attention-getting)

How the Hollywood system works (and why trying to get an agent to pitch for you is a huge waste of time and effort)