An Introduction to Motion 5 - $1,200

Create brilliant titles, transitions, effects, and more with Motion 5, the motion graphics companion to Final Cut Pro X. This three-day, hands-on course starts with motion graphics fundamentals and moves into compositing, animation, and the world of 3D. Explore new intelligent templates to quickly and flexibly create high-quality effects, titles, transitions, and generators as well as create rigs to adjust related parameters with a single control.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for students who are looking to learn more about creating motion graphics using Motion and who prefer hands-on, interactive instruction.

What You Will Learn

• Creating Smart Motion Templates and publishing them to Final Cut Pro X.

• Creating parameter rigs to quickly adjust related parameters with a single control.

• Understanding behavior-based animation.

• Using keyframes to create animation.

• Creating content with Generators, shapes and paint strokes.

• Stabilizing and tracking media.

• Animating cameras and using advanced 3D features.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

• Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

• Basic knowledge of editing and motion graphics terminology is highly recommended

Apple Pro Certification available for this course.

Three-day intensives are from 10am-6pm.

Cost: $1,200

To register please visit: mewshop.com/registration