For this month, we're excited to announce that September we'll be celebrating music-themed films including music videos, music documentaries, and musicals. There's also a short drama program and an additional feature film program.

Tickets for individual programs are only $5 in advance for single programs and $15 for all-access VIP tickets to all three programs with complimentary beverages.

4:30PM NFMLA In Focus Program #1 Pre-Screening Reception
4:45PM NFMLA In Focus Program: The SOngs & Stories That Move Us

* "Tokyo" by The Ramona Flowers (dir. Bouha Kazmi)
* ‘Can't Seem To Cry’ & ‘Mystery’ from Prom Queen's Midnight Veil (dir. Celene Ramadan)
* ‘Runner’ by L.A. Girlfriend (dir. Maegan Houang)
* Identification Pleases (dir. Daniel Jardine)
* A Kiss Goodbye (dir. Aki A. Akinola & Erin Wesley)
* Violence done Well (dir. Maida Hals)
* Ignited (dir. Damien Krisl & Lucian Bor)
* ‘Black Sail’ by Chastity Belt (dir. Maegan Houang)

5:30PM NFMLA In Focus Program #2 Pre-Reception
5:30PM Q&A with In Focus Program #1 Filmmakers
5:45PM NFMLA In Focus Program #1 After-Party

6:00PM NFMLA Music In Focus Program: Music Documentary

* Long Way to the Top (dir. Rob Montague)

7:15 PM In Focus Program #3 Pre-Reception
7:15PM Q&A with In Focus Program #2 Filmmakers
7:30PM In Focus Shorts Program #2 After-Party
7:45PM Drama in Focus Program: Freedom and Confinement

* Muted (dir. Rachel Goldberg)
* Shelter (dir. Daniel Hanna)
* Anchor (dir. Eliya Reis)
* Pig the Dog (dir. Maxy Neil Bianco)
* American Auto (dir. Jeffrey DeChausse)

9:00 PM Feature Program Pre-Reception
9:00PM Q&A with In Focus Program #3 Filmmakers
9:15 PM In Focus Program #3 After-Party
9:30 PM NFMLA Feature Program

* June, Adrift (dir. Adrienne Subia)

11:00 PM Q&A with Feature Filmmakers
11:15 PM Feature Program After-Party

You will have the opportunity to meet the directors of each film, the actors and other crew + participate in a live audience Q&A. There are pre-receptions and after-parties for each program.

Visit the NewFilmmakers LA Official Website at www.NFMLA.org for more information and to purchase your ticket now!


Event Entrance
1139 South Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

1133 South Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90015