Director, VFX guru, and instructor extraordinaire Tom Antos is embarking on a three-month Workshop Series, where he will be teaching Editing/VFX Sessions and Interactive Master Classes in 27 cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The 2-Day Cine School kicks off at the end of February 2016 in Phoenix and continues through its Poland Master Class on May 20th.

Golden Ticket Registration comes with tickets to both the Editing & VFX Session on 5/5/2016 and the Interactive Master Class on 5/6/2016, PLUS the Workshop Download Video.

Tom brings his wealth of post-production know-how into each Editing & VFX Session, drawing on his experiences as a VFX director on Hollywood productions. In these sessions, Tom shows the class his editing techniques, color grading practices, VFX methods, and more.

Master Classes are all-day workshops filled with interactive demonstrations, explanations, and discussions. Tom's unique and resourceful methods for creating a big-budget look will be highlighted in these workshops, as he covers filming dialogue, lighting techniques, capturing audio, working with stabilizers, deconstructing films, and the role of the director.