Vimeo Creator Tools + Postvisualization for Blockbusters Panel at April 18th LAPPG


Crossroads School - Roth Hall
Santa Monica, California


Local Meetings / Networking

Hosted by Los Angeles Post Production Group
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Join us for our April meeting where you will have the opportunity to gather valuable information from industry leaders, create important connections with others in the industry and have a chance to win fantastic prizes from our generous partners!

Vimeo Creator Tools

Derick Rhodes will guide us through the latest from Vimeo as the company launches support for 360 and announces a steady stream of workflow-related tools. Enhanced Review Pages and the new Vimeo Panel for Premiere Pro, in addition to some new tools for managing your collection will be on the agenda. Be prepared to learn more about Vimeo and get inspired by some recent Staff Pick highlights as part of the program, when Derick will also preview Vimeo’s NAB programming for this year.


Sound & Picture‘s Managing Editor, Kendra Ruczak, will be leading a postvisualization panel discussion with HALON Entertainment.

HALON Entertainment is the leading visualization company in the film, TV, and game industry. Part of their expertise is in postvisualization, the art of digitally placing assets in production photography to flesh out the story for final VFX and edit teams. We will be joined by HALON’s postvis supervisors and leads from films including “Logan,” “Kong: Skull Island,” and the upcoming “War For the Planet of the Apes” to talk about postvis’ crucial role not only in film, but in the art of storytelling.

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