NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) Film Festival - October 21st, 2017


Join NFMLA on October 21st, 2017 as the festival presents genre cinema with an edition of InFocus: European Horror, Sci-Fi & Thrillers. The festival includes short films from France, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Scandinavia, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. This powerful collection of short films demonstrate the allure of genre films and celebrates crossing boundaries in storytelling.

​​The festival kicks off with ​a shorts program that perfectly primes audiences ​with films covering bigotry, androids, human trafficking, ​an insane asylum and a romantic break up.

Next up in the InFocus program, watch an ambitiously produced tale of a woman’s dream to land on Mars, a fairy-tale courtship of a young woman and an enchanted raven, an account of a boy who befriends an old man who just might be an alien and the story of a woman’s job interview quickly spiraling into her own personal horror story.

The festival concludes with a shorts program of indie genre cinema in America. The films combine horrifying scenes and powerful characters under pressure. The line-up is comprised of 2 equally dark stories of motherhood, a young sociopath’s coming of age, a peek into the bleak future of foster care and a story of evil spirits. This is a program of films that simultaneously portrays ugliness and beauty in astounding way.

$5 advanced purchase / $7 at the door for individual film blocks
$15 for all three programs with open bar

For more event information and tickets, visit: www.newfilmmakersla.com