Cinematography Workshop- from Lighting to Lenses


Asheville School of Film
Asheville, North Carolina

11/18/2017 — 11/19/2017

Seminars / Training / Workshops

Hosted by Asheville School of Film
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The Lighting and Cinematography Weekend Workshop will be held Saturday November 18th and Sunday November 19th, 2017, from 10 am to 5 pm. Tuition is $150 ($120 for ALUMNI).

Instructor and co-owner Brad Hoover will host the workshop. During the two day course, students will delve into the art and technique of lighting used in professional motion picture production. Such techniques can easily be applied to smaller scale and independent productions using readily available natural and artificial light sources. Examples of equipment provided and utilized include Fresnel spotlights 100-2000 W, HMI lights, Kino-Flo fluorescents, Open-Faced lights, Soft lights, Overhead Bounce sources, light stands, C-stands, and Lighting control devices.

Why is lighting so critical to master? What do you need to know about lenses? What can you do to affect mood and perception?

We don't often realize when watching a film, but lighting techniques provide far more than sufficient illumination for an image. In fact, lighting is one of the most important elements in creating mood, texture, atmosphere, and emphasis in a story. Skillful lighting can impart meaning, often subconsciously, to the shot, scene or movie as a whole. Often lighting becomes a "supporting character" in the story, informing the audience how to respond emotionally or what to pay attention to. Learn how to evoke the appropriate mood and visual context for story!

Lighting and Cinematography is a hands-on workshop and we ask that each participant come prepared with a pair of leather work gloves.