Don't miss Closing Night at the New York African Diaspora International Film Festival featuring the screening of KEMITIYU, directed by William Mbay, a performance by Jazz Master Randy Weston, Panel Discussions, and VIP reception!

“The Universal Man," "The Capital Contemporary," "The Giant of Knowledge," "The Last Pharaoh," - these were the headlines, the day after his death on February 7, 1986.

Thirty years later, KEMTIYU paints a portrait of Cheikh Anta Diop, a trail-blazing scholar with an insatiable thirst for science and knowledge as well as an honest, enlightened political figure, venerated by some, decried by others, and unknown to most. Directed by William Mbay, Senegal, 2016, Documentary, 94 min, Wolof.

Screening followed by Piano Performance by NEA Jazz Master Randy Weston!

“When Randy Weston plays a combination of strength and gentleness virility and velvet emerges from the keys in an ebb and flow of sound seemingly as natural as the waves of the sea” - Langston Hughes

PANEL DISCUSSION with director William Mbay, Randy Weston, Pierre Thiam and Bara Thiokhane.

VIP reception after the screening!