The Art of Creativity Awards is an international awards event honoring the work of production and post production companies that have transformed the making of commercials and music videos into art.

Work is exclusively judged for its artistic value and creativity by select art, museum and cinematic curators. AOC aims to bridge the worlds of art and advertising by placing your work right smack in the eye of professional art critics and by creating a platform that gets the conversation going between two parallel creative worlds at Soho House venues across the globe.

COMMERCIAL ENTRIES (including Case Studies) -maximum length 5 minutes

Great Storytelling
If this were a book it'd be a page turner. Or, when viewing it has you think 'absolutely sharing this one, who won't relate to it?'

Exceptional Cinematography
The WOW factor! That is to say, I can mute the sound and still have my eyes glued to the screen. A creative work of art. Stellar lighting, amazing camera work, and a unique visual way of telling a story.

Outstanding Visual Effects
Holy $%#! Is this for real?! The answer we're looking for is no.

Best Direction
When a performance is so on point that you feel the director's skills are successfully seeping through.

Innovative Digital Craft
Aptly blending content with technology, made to create an engaging user experience.

Spectacular Animation
An ode to those who imagine, and create... All while sitting behind a screen - not a camera.

Creative Sound Design
The feeling that you became a part of the commercial thanks to the sound surrounding you.

Best Music Video
"Unforgettable" says the viewer after repeated play...

Stellar Editing
Telling a story by way of sensational editing techniques.

Memorable Branded Content
All those videos you share that merge style with substance and resonate with you on an emotional level... only to realize that it's actually branded entertainment.

For work released between June 1, 2017 and July 30, 2018

Maximum Length: 5 minutes (for commercials and case study entries) and 6 minutes (for music video entries)

File types: .MOV, .MP4, WMV, .FLV, .MPEG4, .AVI, .WebM, .3GPP, .MTS

File Size: Maximum 1 GB per submission

Email submissions by file transfer to: filetransfer@aocawards.org (with entry title only, no credits)

Fee: $350 USD per title and category; Please note: All first place winners are invited to participate in AOC's screening and panel discussions held at Soho House West Hollywood, NY, London,Toronto and more

Accepted Forms of Payment: Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Wire Transfers (+$25 bank fee), ACH Bank Transfer (U.S. only)

Submission confirmations sent after receipt of payment

Entry fees are Non Refundable; If a category entry error was made please contact us prior to deadline, we'd be glad to fix it

For more information, visit us at https://www.aocawards.org/