Tuesday, August 7 at 7 PM - 10 PM PDT

Filmmaking is not a single person endeavor. At this month’s meeting, we’ll be exploring the collaborative nature of the industry. Plus, we invite you to come and enjoy some frozen treats with us as we celebrate summer!


Kollaborate & Workflow and Maintenance Tools

We’re excited to have Digital Rebellion Founder/CEO Jon Chappell returning to the group this summer to demo the new File and Upload Workflow features of the Kollaborate cloud platform and to show how they can be a powerful addition to your workflow. Plus Jon will be doing a roundup of Digital Rebellion’s other incredibly powerful maintenance and workflow tools for post production that are used every day by freelancers, major studios and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Digital Rebellion was created by video professionals to offer solutions to real-world problems faced every day in production and post. Come find solutions and learn how to better optimize your workflow.


VFX and SFX- The Best of Both Worlds

Character designer KC Mussman will show how practical on-set make-up effects are being enhanced with the visual effects of the post production world. She will discuss how in her creative work she bridges the gap between pre and post production by building digital asset packs with the practical department.

Get ready to see some of her mind blowing creations as she demonstrates how integrating VFX and SFX allows for full control, time management and optimal performance and creates refined and revolutionary characters.

KC’s Shop:
Nocturnal Designz is an innovative practical effects shop in the heart of Los Angeles CA. Producing characters from concept art to camera on numerous projects from film to VR as well as a variety of other media.

They are a progressive team of artists enthusiastic about bringing realism and high quality creations to you, integrating practical with digital effects and using cutting-edge methods to cater to an industry that is evolving into an exciting era of technological advancement in film making.

**In addition to our usual valuable monthly prize giveaway, including many of Digital Rebellion’s programs, we will also be giving away one of KC’s collector’s item creations of a Demogorgon head made to be worn by James Franco on his show, “Making a Scene with James Franco.” (Valued at $3500.)**

REGISTER HERE: https://lappgmeetingaugust7th2018.eventbrite.com

***As always there will be plenty of time to network, enjoy some coffee and participate in our great giveaway which includes thousands of dollars of amazing prizes from our generous partners!

$5.00 cash kindly requested at the door will include 1 giveaway ticket.

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***Street parking is available as well as a Crossroads parking lot behind the Sports Complex building.