This 2 or 5 day training course covers the most important aspects of image processing for digital cinemathography. You will gain a deeper understanding of the processing pipeline in a camera. Two leading engineers of ARRI´s Image Science Team will detail the many possibilities for image processing in camera and in postproduction. By the end of this course, you will better understand the options you have to control the result.

You will be provided with a detailed introduction to the two basic mechanisms of the image forming in a digital camera. We start with the reproduction of the tonal values and colors in a scene. Then we move on to the reproduction of spatial frequencies. For both topics we explain the challenges in a digital camera and how the system is designed to provide pleasing results. Finally, the aspects of color and spatial image processing are combined when we look at image noise.

A maximum of 12 participants can attend each course, to ensure that everyone gets the same hands-on training.