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12/08/2018 — 12/09/2018

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ARRI Certified Training for TRINITY

This 2-day training course covers all aspects of working with the full capabilities of TRINITY, the flagship of ARRI’s CSS (Camera Stabilizer System) range: a unique, 5-axis hybrid stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced gimbal technology, opening up revolutionary new ways of operating. You will be given the opportunity to enhance your skills with new creative options and deepen your practical skills.

Experienced professionals will detail the many possibilities the ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems have to offer, giving you expert advice and hands-on training. By the end of the course you will be able to set-up, operate and look around the corner with the TRINITY offering new angles and storytelling options for the director and cinematographer.

Who should attend:

Experienced camera operators and Steadicam (TM) type operators
Participants who have completed the ARRI artemis training or similar Steadicam(TM) workshop

What you will learn:

Understanding the features and working language of ARRI’s Camera Stabilizer Systems (CSS)
Learn the physics and features of gimbal stabilization systems
Preparing the ARRI camera systems and accessories for CSS
Basic movements and drills for training with the TRINITY
Explore advanced configurations and applications
Learn to use the remote control joystick and wheel kit to control camera movement remotely
New creative camera movement options with TRINITY
Get to know the software and GUI applications for advanced configurations
Rehearse, shoot and record test shots to apply your new skills with the TRINITY


You will be provided with a detailed introduction to the history and development of ARRI CSS and understand the features and working language of the TRINITY. Each participant will work directly with a TRINITY package and complete ARRI camera system. You will rehearse, shoot and record practice shots for review. Participants will be introduced to typical on-set situations and explore the different set-up considerations experimenting with alternative configurations using the modularity of the TRINITY to suit individual setups.

A maximum of 4 participants can attend each course with an instructor, complete ARRI camera system and TRINITY will be provided for every 3-4 students. This will ensure that everyone gets sufficient practical experience working with the system and instructors.

Duration: 2 days (each 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
Trainer: Alan Lennox
Language: English

ARRI Inc. | Creative Space
600 N. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

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