Post Production Audio Editing Workshop

Professional Editor and Filmmaker Andrew Shearer leads this unique class in an important topic and skill- how to correct your Audio in Post-production!

“Post-Production Audio Editing & Workflow” is a one-day intensive course that will cover every step of the post-production process in relation to audio. The course will use professionally recorded media and the Adobe Suite to examine the entire workflow of audio in post. The day will begin with learning how to ingest audio into digital editing software in coordination with picture. Then, we will cover the fundamentals of editing audio, including finessing dialogue, adding sound effects, the correction of bad sound, and mixing. The course will wrap up with how to successfully output a finished audio product in order to sync it successfully to the edited picture.

Any good filmmaker knows that half the picture is sound. And that bad sound can ruin a potentially amazing film. Join us to learn the process of editing your film’s sound, ensuring it will be the amazing film it deserves to be.

Class will take place Saturday, January 19th, 2019, from 1-5 pm! Cost is just $55 ($44 for ALUMNI).