A two day MasterClass workshop on advanced lighting techniques and equipment used in modern professional motion picture production. The advanced techniques presented in this workshop can also be applied on a smaller scale for short films and low (or no) budget independent feature productions.

Why is lighting so important? How can lighting affect mood and add meaning to a film?

We don't often realize when watching a film, but effective lighting provides far more than simple illumination. In fact, lighting is one of the most important elements for creating mood, texture, atmosphere, and emphasis in a story. Skillful lighting can impart meaning, often subconsciously, to the shot, scene or movie as a whole. Often lighting becomes a "supporting character" in the story, informing the audience how to respond emotionally or what to pay attention to. Learn how to evoke the appropriate mood and visual context for your story!

Advanced Lighting is a hands-on workshop and we ask that each participant come prepared with a pair of leather work gloves. Class will be held on Saturday & Sunday, April 13th and 14th, 2019, 10 am- 5 pm. Cost is $150 for the entire weekend (or $120 for Alumni).