ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Fundamentals with Mo Flam in Brooklyn

At this 3-day advanced lighting workshop cinematographers, gaffers and filmmakers will have the opportunity to explore dramatic lighting techniques used in fiction films.

This class is led by Mo Flam, a Chief Lighting Technician, with 40 years of experience in the industry. Through hands-on sessions, lectures, screenings and discussions you will explore the importance of light in visual storytelling and the techniques and processes to execute complex lighting setups.

Who should attend:
- Directors of Photography
- Lighting designers
- Gaffers
- Operators
- Assistants
- Rental staff
- Colourists and colour graders

What you will learn:
- Introduction and discussion lighting topics
- Demonstration of lighting tools & equipment, SkyPanels, SkyLink and the Stellar app
- Lighting demos
• Light for the look upstage side
• Big source, book light
• Low contrast / high contrast
• Hard light
• Negative fill, passive fill, cutters and grip controls
• Student requests

- Light a scene on a set for 2 different times & moods
- Tech scout for location shoots on days 2 & 3
- Film screenings and discussions
- Location shoot #1 - Balancing light between an interior and bright exterior | #2 night exterior | #3 TBD
- Poorman’s process car night
- Supervised student shoots
- Final discussion and screenings


Working collaboratively as a film crew, you take on the creative and technical challenges of feature film cinematography. The class will learn how to scout a location and plan lighting requirements for a scene. You will begin to tackle challenging lighting situations with goals to achieve specific visual aesthetics through hands-on sessions.

You will light scenes with LED, HMI, tungsten, fluorescent units and learn to use grip equipment to shape and control light through practical exercises. You will light a variety of interior and exterior residential and commercial spaces, as well as car interiors, for day and night scenes, and dramatic scenarios with actors, using the most recent and advanced technology in film lighting.

Duration: 3 days (9am-6pm PST)
Language: English
Trainer: Mo Flam

ARRI Rental Brooklyn Haus
236 Greenpoint Ave.
Building 6
Brooklyn, NY 11222

For more information, contact us at:

ARRI Academy
+1 (818) 388-2306