Get ready for a deeper understanding of color science and how to apply it through hands-on training from industry professionals.

ARRI Certified Training for Advanced Color Science

This 3-day training course covers the most important aspects of color science. You will gain a deeper understanding of the possible interactions of light, object color, and camera. Our Image Science Engineer will detail the many possibilities for image processing in camera and in postproduction. By the end of these two days, you will be able to work with a spectrometer, calibrate monitors, and understand color spaces.

Who should attend:

- Cinematographers
- Colorists
- DITs
- Postproduction Supervisors
- Technical directors and engineers in postproduction

What you will learn:

- Fundamental characteristics of light and color
- Characteristics of displays
- Color appearance and color gamut
- High dynamic range (HDR) displays
- Characteristics of digital cameras
- Hands-on exercises with cameras and lighting products


You will be provided with a detailed introduction to fundamental characteristics of light and displays as well as spectral power distribution, correlated color temperature, metamerism, CIE and RGB color spaces. Each participant will compare how the camera renders colors of objects under different light sources; you will make measurements with a spectrometer in order to become familiar with those instruments and calibrate monitors for different postproduction workflows, experimenting with the application of different LUTs to suit individual setups.

A maximum of 12 participants can attend each course, to ensure that everyone gets sufficiently practical experience of working with the the different tools. There will also be an illuminated set for the hands-on exercises.

Duration: 3 days (9am-6pm EST)
Language: English
Trainer: Joseph Goldstone

ARRI Rental Brooklyn Haus
236 Greenpoint Ave.
Building 6
Brooklyn, NY 11222

For more information, contact us at:

ARRI Academy
+1 (818) 388-2306