Problem Solver Workshop: Screenwriting, Pitching & Acquiring Representation


Location is in Hollywood, near Santa Monica and Western in the 90029 Zipcode.
Los Angeles, California


Seminars / Training / Workshops

Hosted by Nancy Fulton
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This event is designed to help screenwriters push through or get around their biggest current road block in finishing their screenplay, pitching their projects, and acquiring representation. Bring the single biggest issue or problem currently standing in your way to the table and we’ll use the “wisdom of peers” to help you find a new solutions. Location is in Hollywood, near Santa Monica and Western in the 90029 Zipcode.

This event will start with a quick primer on solutions for the most common stumbling blocks in finishing a screenplay, ensuring it’s actually done, protecting it, and starting to pitch it to producers, agents, and managers. You’ll receive a workbook which reviews these solutions in writing so you can refer to them later. Then we will break up in to groups where you’ll have the opportunity to hear several options for solving your problems from others in the industry, and you’ll have the ability to share what you know to the table to help others.

This gives you the opportunity to see several questions answered, meet many new filmmakers actively at work producing projects, and get insight into the problems currently facing you. It also forces you to think analytically about what’s holding you back as you pursue your filmmaking career.