Are you tired of hearing “No,” as a writer? Perhaps you’re having a difficult time securing literary representation, or maybe your agent and manager aren’t able to land you the right meetings or writing assignments? Are you trying to take control of your writing career by pitching film and TV execs, but then run into the catch 22 of not having representation? Join us at our next event where represented writer, produced filmmaker, and career coach, Angela Marie Hutchinson, will share how to overcome rejection and create opportunities in 2019! As a TEDx speaker of “Create Your Own Yes, When You Keep Hearing No,” Angela landed a mainstream book deal that releases on July 1 at Barnes & Noble. She’ll share how she queried and signed her literary agent. Plus, Angela will provide innovative strategies to help you get into the right industry doors and how to brand yourself as a successful writer, and ultimately secure breakthrough-success as a paid scriptwriter.