The StreamGeeks Summit for is anyone who wants to better understand the world of live streaming. Join us for a full day of education with industry leaders who will help simplify the tech and provide action plans that can be applied to almost any industry. Live streaming is changing the way the world consumes media and it’s happening faster than most of us can keep up with. The StreamGeeks Summit is NOT another consumer electronics show. This event is a celebration of the oppurtunties made by live streaming. Come for a day of collaboration, and mingle with the industry’s top live streamers. This summit is the best way to jump start your next live streaming project.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in live streaming. We are living in a digital age. Live streaming is now the fastest, most authentic way to reach an audience. With Facebook, YouTube,Amazon, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offering live streaming, the business implications are wide-reaching. If you’re interested live streaming, this is an event you won’t want to miss.


Two words: Interactivity & Engagement. Live streaming is interactive, and it’s your opportunity to boost audience engagement in creative memorable ways. Live streaming is quite literally changing the game. Uncovering the power of live streaming can optimize your company’s content creation workflow. At the StreamGeeks Summit, you will gain strategies from top industry leaders. Virtual and in-person attendees can participate in live demonstrations, and join workshops focused on live streaming technology.

Marketing Professionals & Content Creators

Live video production isn’t easy. That’s the truth. You have to create a plan, build a set, and produce engaging content that holds your audiences attention. This summit will prepare your team with forward thinking plans of action that can lead the way. You can accelerate your company’s interaction with online audiences and crowd-source consumer feedback. These interactions can be the key to shortening the sales cycle, tweaking your pitch, or building your community.

Brands, Businesses, and Creative Minds

Live streaming is perhaps the latest new trend in online communications. Learning how to harness these capabilities can streamline your next creative campaign. Maybe you want to start your own live show. Perhaps you have an online community you want to tap into. The power of live streaming on social media can reach into verticals across every major industry.

Duration: 1 Day November 8th, 2019 8AM-5PM
Language: English
Speaker List: Ariel Vera, Corey Behnke, Claudia Barbiero, Daniel Pisarski, Tess Protesto, Cliff Sobel, Michael Luttermoser, John Mahoney, Matthew Davis, Philippe Laurent, Tom Sinclair, Paul Richards

Venue: Dream Downtown Hotel, 355 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011

For more information visit: or email Paul Richards at