Playout: New Cloud Multiviewing and Probing


07/16/2020 — 07/16/2020


Hosted by TAG Video Systems
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Need to discover the best way to implement effective monitoring and multiviewing in the cloud for playout? If so, you might like our upcoming webinar: "Playout: New Cloud Multiviewing and Probing."

Join us on July 16 at 11 a.m. EST, and you’ll hear about new cloud probing and multiviewing models from two of our top experts — Paul Briscoe, Chief Architect and Peter Wharton, TAG Advisor. They have helped customers of all sizes to deploy cloud-based monitoring solutions, and you’ll learn about the technologies and workflows they established to tackle probing, monitoring, and multiviewing in the cloud, especially as it relates to playout.

During this 30-minute webinar and subsequent Q&A session, you’ll find out about:

Key business decisions and technical decisions to consider when migrating to cloud playout
How to avoid sinking budget into systems that become obsolete before they are paid for
Measuring lost and out-of-order packet, jitter, and other transport parameters in the cloud
How to scale your monitoring and probing in the cloud - what we’ve learned from March Madness

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