Sight Sound & Story: Live: Inside the Cutting Room of "Schitt's Creek"
Moderator: Bobbie O'Steen (Cut to the Chase," "The Invisible Cut")
Panelists: Trevor Ambrosse (Schitt's Creek, Saturday Night Live, The Kids in the Hall) & Paul Winestock, CCE (Schitt's Creek, Blood and Water, Young Drunk Punk)

Inside Episode IX: This panel focuses on the multi-Emmy winning series, Schitt's Creek, which made us laugh, cry, and captured our hearts completely at a time when we needed it most. Join author and film historian Bobbie O'Steen for a discussion with Emmy-nominated editors Trevor Ambrose and Paul Winestock, CCE. They will talk about how they helped shape and deepen the characters over time, how they crafted that delicate balance between comedy and drama, and reveal other ways that they contributed to this Canadian gem becoming one of the most surprising success stories in the history of television.

When: Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Time: 5PM EDT / 2PM PDT
General Admission: FREE!!