ICG Local 600/ICG Magazine’s Deep Dive with FOX Television's "Fantasy Island"


Virtual Event / Online Only

09/26/2021 — 09/26/2021


Hosted by International Cinematographers Guild


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Local 600/ICG Magazine’s “Deep Dive” #7 unites the creative team behind this summer’s most visually daring reboot, Fantasy Island – reimagined for a new generation of viewers through the lens of magical realism.

Panelists include Executive Producer Anne Clements, Executive Producer/Director Adam Kane, Director of Photography Sonnel Velázquez, SPC, and A-Camera Operator Raphy Molinary-Machado, SPC.

While Puerto Rico serves as the “club paradise” for each episode’s roster of guests having their dreams (and sometimes nightmares) take flight, the island’s challenging shooting conditions – wind, rain, mud, clouds, etc. – could only have been surmounted by a knowledgeable, locally-based production team.