Greetings from Central Florida.

We would love it if you are in Central Florida and wanna come see our feature film we made in Oviedo at Regal Cinemas in the Oviedo Mall on December 9, 2021. We are looking for some coverage locally.

It goes world wide January 7, 2022. Harvey was made in Oviedo Florida last year at the Oviedo Bowling Alley. It's a COVID Film with full Distribution through MidNight Releasing/Acort International and Maxim Media. One of the first indie films approved by SAG During COVID.

It premieres in Oviedo Florida on December 9th. Most of us, except for the stars, are locals. I wrote this with my 21 y/o son who attends Seminole State University. Next year we are making an even bigger film! In the meantime, come see Harvey.

See HARVEY in OVIEDO FLORIDA December 9, 2021

Watch the trailer here:

We are very excited to announce the premiere of HARVEY feature film made at home in Florida. We are doing this one low-key so come dressed inspired by the 80s. We will have the Red-Carpet and Photos. 13 years and up. Produced by Macro Vision Films in association with Rock House Productions. Distributed by Midnight Releasing/Acort International Releasing January 7, 2022 worldwide.

All Harvey The Feature film cast and crew, friends and film enthusiasts are invited, to this SAG film entirely made during the pandemic, locally with Ranelle Golden Screenwriter (our writer director and producer), Johnny Alonso (Producer and Star), Darius Autry, Erin O'Brien, Allison Meister Kevin Winn. Irv Becker, Rex McSeaton, Eliza Kelley, Desiree Velez, Sump James Christian Vallejo, Tim Lewis Jude Biancone, Andrew Rogers, Chloë Marie Rhoades Kurt van Zyl, Hannah Shewbart Stephen Ullom Chris Shick, Beth MacLean, Aaron Sandler, Marina Love McSeaton, Kim Burks-Polland, Dawn Lemay Katherine Quiel Gregory Mohn, Shannon Lanier, Andrew Kunkel Emilio Luis Roman Shawn Golden and many many more here from Central Florida and surrounding areas.

Heartful thanks to various local businesses for their kind support of this production: Oviedo Bowling Alley, Chulouta grocery, VFW #10139, the Hitching Post Andy Werger Tolbert, Tim Tolbert and Thatcher Doe/SideShowNightmares.

Mark your date: FLORIDA Premiere on December 9, 2021 in Oviedo at the REGAL CINEMAS. If you did not make it to the sold out Hollywood California and Baltimore Maryland Premiere this is your chance. Seating is limited to capacity.

Looking forward to seeing you, friends and family for this glitz and glamorous event.

Watch the trailer here:

Hope to see you at the movies.

Ranelle Golden
Partner/Creative Director