Showbiz Budgeting: How to Budget and Actualize your Film or TV Project


Workplace One, 51 Wolseley Street, Kensington Room, Toronto, ON, MST 1A4
Toronto, Ontario

10/05/2023 — 10/05/2023

Seminars / Training / Workshops

Hosted by Cast and Crew/Caps Payroll

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Explore Showbiz Budgeting and its many features, from creating budgets to analyzing reports. This training is perfect for production accountants, production managers and producers, with all levels of experience, who want to learn about the product and get a better grasp on their production finances.

1. Learn the Basics: Get helpful tips and tricks and explore different budgeting scenarios.
2. Actualize Your Budget: Learn how to see exactly what you’ve spent and how it affects your budget.
3. Use the Tools: See how built-in tools can help you track your purchase orders, petty cash envelopes, payroll and more.