Pune is among the fastest growing cosmopolitans in India today. The presence of the highly-regarded FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) has allowed Pune to be at the nerve centre of creating fresh talent for the film industry. The presence of the FTII also fits in with Pune’s overall standing of being an educational city and the “Oxford of the East”. Completing the film connection of the city is the presence of the historic and well-stocked National Film Archive of India is also situated in Pune.

Pune has a history of being at the forefront of cinema. This standing has been further bolstered with the growth of multiplexes in and around the city that now cater to the film lovers of the city. Given the multi-cultural mix of population with varied interests, Pune provides an ideal base for an International Film Festival.

The Pune International Film Festival was launched in pursuit of bringing the “best in celluloid” to the audiences of Pune in 2002 with it’s first truly “International Film Festival”. It has been evolving as a major annual event.

With six editions already done, 2009, the 7th edition promises more variety, more movies and greater insight and entertainment into the international cinematic world. We hope you are a part of this journey.