At 90to5 we are still amazed by the Kuleshov experiment and it’s implications, proving the power of montage and editing. The 90to5 Editing Challenge is testing the idea of editing a feature into a short film. We hope to grow the audience interested in movie classics as well as boost the reputation and confidence of editors.

90to5’s call for entries goes out to all movie and tv editors, film students and enthusiasts worldwide. The challenge: cut a full length feature down to 5 minutes. The catch: keep true to the original story... or create a new one.
Public voting will determine the winners of awesome material and cash prizes.

Go to www.challenge.90to5.org for movie download links, infos, tutorials and to upload your edit. Entry is free!
Submission deadline for the 2012 challenge is August 15. Vote and win at www.90to5.org.