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Video Production / Photography Studio ✮ RAIN SIMULATOR ✮ 12 FT HIGH SYKE WALLS ✮ WIND SIMULATOR ✮ $49.99 per hour. All lights & equipment on set are included. ✮12 ft Green Screen Syke Wall. ✮12 ft White Syke Wall. ✮6 Different Color Vinyl Backdrops (107" wide). ✮Prop Room with an assortment of props to choose from (antique style claw tub, antique style sofas, beds, hi-powered fans onset to simulate the wind on a subject). ✮Rain Simulator Water System with Drainage. ✮The studio can build up to 12 different sets under one roof. ✮Rolling Wall Backdrops and an assortment of Floor assemblies for easy set building. ✮Professional Hair, Makeup Station & Dressing Rooms.

Added on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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