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www.anirbanimages.wixsite.com/story High rise buildings and American Top chart was the very early beginning of American landscape on my mind when I was a kid. I thought a city with wall street is blessed for all the artists as well. I grew up in a third world nation where a musician is always under cover. I moved to NYC at my late 20's while chasing a gray dream of becoming a film director. But my seek of music was always in my side pocket. I used to roam on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn to experience new music. I found a lot but with a broken heart. My thoughts of American artists were wrong. Here's they are also alone. They play and they pass. Nothing to hold on, but they play. They make and create, but the New Yorkers are chasing something on those high rise buildings where the subway music is just a path. I wonder of those beautiful strong hearts playing day & nights and been overlooked.

Added on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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