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When Craft Syndicate launched its second collaboration contest—featuring an opportunity to work with hip-hop legends Rick Ro$$, Organized Noize, Nipsey Hussle and Zaytoven—Spirinity was more than enthused to meet the challenge head on! Rick Ro$$ and Organized Noize are based out of Atlanta, and their interviews had already been captured there. We were approached to see if we could capture the interview with Nipsey Hussle and Zaytoven in a similar tone and style. We were absolutely confident that we could deliver, so of course we said yes! We filmed this spot at Record Plant Recording Studios in Hollywood. Our team engineered the decor and lighting of the studio, as well as the camera angle, so that the interview would match the mood and vibe that was already established in the previously recorded footage as closely as possible. Additionally, we created two other sets wherein Zaytoven and Nipsey Hussle could record their individual interviews. They certainly didn't need much coaching, but we were more than happy to accomodate them and provide a few coaching tips to help with their on camera presence. Final Steps After we finished filming, our team synced the audio and colored the footage to match the tones of the previous shoot and turned it over to our client all within 24 hours! The hope was that the end product could seamlessly intercut between the two studio interviews without a hitch. In the end, everyone was more than happy with the final product. And when our clients are happy, we're happy! We had an unforgettable time working with these incredibly talented hip-hop artists, and we look forward to collaborating again!

Added on Friday, December 7, 2018

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