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French television station, ARTE France, contracted BMG to produce a 90-minute live news production covering the outcome of the 2008 U.S. presidential election. The special was aired live in France and Germany and was translated into three languages. ARTE France wanted the program to be shot in a classic Washington, D.C. setting, so BMG was put to the challenge of locating and securing a venue within the city that would fit their needs and which would be available on Election day. BMG was able to secure a condominium rooftop in nearby Arlington, which provided a dazzling view of the National Mall. The venue presented some challenges in that it had never been used for a live video production. The BMG team got to work, providing tenting and staging for the rooftop set, as well as planning the logistics behind cable runs. BMG also handled all satellite transmissions, back-up power, lighting and county shooting permits.

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