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BMG was contracted by DEFY Media to produce 3-days of live programming in San Diego, CA during Comic-Con. Our team setup a temporary production operation at DEFY’s venue in downtown San Diego and produced 12 live shows over 3 days. All programs were encoded and streamed live to YouTube, Facebook, and DEFY Media’s website. BMG provided full production services for the duration of the project, including procurement and technical management of all production equipment, booking and management of all production labor, managing all aspects of the web stream, and interfacing with DEFY’s editorial and technical teams, the venue, and event management company to ensure a smooth program. All programs were shot using 7 cameras and included full integration of graphics and video roll-ins. In addition to the 3 days of live programming, BMG provided an ENG crew and editor to shoot and edit newsbriefs and packages over a 4-day period.

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