Arri Alexa Plus 120fps High-Speed Camera Kit available with or without Anamorphic De-squeeze License

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Arri Alexa Plus 120fps High-Speed Camera Kit

6311 hours
Firmware version: 11.1:31779 

Hi-Speed Kit Includes the following:
Arri Alexa Plus camera with high-speed license S/N: 3730
Anamorphic De-squeeze License Key installed
EVF-1 viewfinder S/N: 4071
VEB-1 Viewfinder extension bracket
VMB-2 Viewfinder mounting bracket
KC150-S short viewfinder cable
KC151-S medium viewfinder cable
CCH-1 Handle 
HEB-2 Handle Extension Block
LB-1 leveling block
BAB-G battery adapter for Anton Bauer Gold Mount
BPA-1 bridge plate adapter
Arri BP-12 bridge plate with base plate, 11.5" long
WA-1 wedge adapter
SP-3 shoulder pad
Arri ethernet cable
WiFi antenna
Arri lens port cap
KC154-SP-S XLR4F / Lemo2M 12V Accessory Cable
4GB SD Card
(2) 19mm rods, 12" long
Innerspace shipping case

We have two cameras available:
(1) Alexa Plus Camera Kit w/ Hi-Speed Key $16,995
(1) Alexa Plus Camera Kis w/ Hi-Speed Key and Anamorphic License - CALL

ARRI Alexa EV Plus pictures link:

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