The rig is in GREAT shape, and all systems are go. I am selling the rig in "AS IS" condition. Please, serious inquiries only.
The Jimmy Jib TRIANGLE has a maximum reach of 40ft, and can be mounted with the Dutch Roll Angle 360 attachment.
Cameras that I have mounted on the Jib have been the Panaflex Gold II, ARRI Alexa, Phantom Miro, RED, RED Epic, RED Scarlette, HPX900, EX1,V1U, 5D Mark II & III, 7D, BetaSP, and DigiBeta.
Jib Inventory
13 3' Jib Sections
1 Head Section
1 4 Wheel Dolly
1 Tripod
1 Fulcrum Head
1 Top and Side Strut Bar
1 Bag of Section Bolts
3 50 Pin Control Cables
1 (Blue) Strut Cable Set
1 (Green) Strut Cable Set
1 (White) Strut Cable Set
1 (Red) Strut Cable Set
1 (Yellow) Strut Cable Set
1 Short Pully Cable
6 Travel/Shipping Cases
1 Pelican Type Case with Electronics,
PT Handle, Focus Handle, AC Adapter, Lens Cables and Instruction Manual
1 360 Dutch Roll Head in case