Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm Cine Zoom EF Mount


Orlando, Florida


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Jon Taylor

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This is a Used Canon CN-E 15.5 - 47 Cine Zoom Lens with an EF Mount.
This lens is used, but in great shape!
- The lens is cleaned before and after each time it was used
- The lens was always handled with gloves to avoid body oils on the lens barrel
- The lens lives in a Jason Case - safely indoors
- The lens has noticeable wear on it with a scuff or two and a small indent on the bottom of the lens barrel. This has been on the lens since it was bought 3 years ago and does not affect the lens in anyway at all.
- The lens was originally a PL Mount but was cleaned and swapped for an EF Mount by Duclos Lens.
- You will get the factory Canon PL mount in addition to the lens.
- This lens has never been rented out, always used in a closed set environment and well taken care of.
- The ONLY reason I am selling the lens is because we are cleaning out all of the Canon gear we have in order to upgrade to the Arri Alexa LF.
- This is my favorite lens I have ever used, and it will be yours too.