Sony F35 CineAlta - Nikon Mount, 7Q, 2 Batteries, Matte Box - Complete Package

Salt Lake City, Utah


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- Sony F35 body (low hours: 1130)
- Custom Nikon F mount (use any Nikon F lens that has manual aperture)
- Original Sony PL mount (if you would like to swap from the current Nikon mount)
- Sony interface box (for 12 bit 4444 output)
- Gold mount battery plate
- Panavision top handle
- Chrosziel MB 450-01 matte box & french flag
- Rokinon 50mm T1.5 Nikon lens (geared lens, perfect for pairing with a follow focus)
- Camtree 19mm / 15mm sliding baseplate
- Set of 15mm rods
- Set of 19mm rods (18")
- 19mm cheeseplate adapter (for mounting a shoulder support to)
- Odyssey 7Q 12-bit Recorder - Record 12-bit 4444 and 50p!
- Cine Cam 7Q adjustable Arm
- (2) 512gb Convergent Design SSD's (for Odyssey 7Q, which allows for up to 7+ hours of recording)
- (2) short BNC cables
- (2) long BNC cables
- D-tap power cable for 7Q
- AC-adapter for 7Q
- (2) SSD to USB3 readers
- Sleeve for 7Q
- Sun shade for 7Q
- (2) 130wh Rolux gold mount batteries (less than 6 months old)
- Rolux dual gold mount charger (charge both batteries at the same time, or power the camera through a wall outlet)
- 4 pin cable for AC to camera

If you are looking for a cinema camera that has a global shutter, organic images, 444 12 bit color, this is one of the very best you’ll find. Many swear by the F35 over the Panasonic VariCam, Canon C300, Red Epic, etc. and for good reason... it’s most comparable to the Arri Alexa with its creamy highlight rolloff and filmic grain.

You won't find another Sony F35 package this complete. You can begin filming today with this setup. Normally, you have to buy the body only and start researching the pieces you will need to make it work. Also, most F35 owners skimp out on the recorder and shoot 10 bit 4:2:2. This package allows you to shoot 12 bit 4444 XQ, allowing you the sharpest, most cinematic image right away. The 7Q alone was well over $2000 for the recorder and (2) 512gb SSDs and allows for easy monitoring with professional options like false color (makes exposure a breeze), focus assist, zebras, waveforms. This setup allows you to use this camera to its full potential, giving you massive amounts of flexibility in post.

I can also email over a fantastic LUT obtained from another F35 user that converts S-gamut to Arri LogC to Rec 709, which makes color grading a breeze. This will produce the most gorgeous cinematic images right out of the camera.

Everything works perfectly. There are of course some dings and scratches, but nothing that interferes with the performance. And this is a particularly low hour F35.

Connect a gold mount battery (or use the Rolux dual charger to plug directly into the interface box from a wall outlet), hook up the BNC cables to the Odyssey 7Q, mount the lens, and you're ready to start filming in 12 bit 4444 XQ. The F35 has a massive 5.7K CCD sensor that outputs some of the sharpest and smoothest 1080p (up to 50fps) footage out there. So sharp in-fact that there are owners who upscale it from 1080p to 4K in post with ease (especially clean with a plugin called Super Resolution by Infognition). This camera is lovely and was the choice of many DPs for film and tv.

I purchased this camera for a production but unfortunately a family emergency has come up so I must part ways with my F35... my loss will be your gain.