Genus Elite Matte Box MK2 + Flags + Nuns Kicker + Swing Away Bracket

Austin, Texas


Miscellaneous Equipment for sale

Travis Ward

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This matte box is in great condition and has been used for less than 10 shoots since purchased in 2013. Selling as I don't use it.

Has two filter holders and a nuns kicker. Description from GenusTech:

The Elite Matte Box MK2 comes with an Elite Matte Box, combo 4x4 and P Size 4x5.65, 2 filter trays, one fixed and one 360 rotatable for graduating filters, and a French Flag and 2x Adjustable Side Flags for total light and flare control. A 15mm Quick Release Bracket is also included. As in this package, you also get 15mm lightweight Swing Away Bracket and Height Extension Bracket for ultimate shooting experience. This kit is the ideal accessory for larger sensor cameras, broadcast cameras, and cameras with various lenses.