Panasonic HVX200A Camera Package


Salt Lake City, Utah


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Shawn Emery

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Complete package perfect for in-house corporate teams, web bloggers, and independent and action sports filmmakers. Will keep everything together for this auction. Accessories such as the Chrosziel Matte Box, filters, and batteries can be used with other camera setups. Everything is used but in good to excellent working condition.

Panasonic HVX200AP camera (766 hours)
P2 Card, 32 gig
P2 Card, 16 gig
P2 Cards, 8 gig (3)
Chrosziel Matte Box MB450-01 with HVX200 baseplate, top shade, 110mm-91mm step down (no rods included )
Panasonic DE-A20 AC adapter and charger
16X9 HD 75X EXII M82 wide-angle lens adapter
Panasonic AJ-PCD2 reader with dual USB cable
Century 4X4 ND6 graduated filter
Century 4X4 Polarizer filter
Formatt 4X4 ND 6 filter
Tiffen Clear 82mm filter
Panasonic CGA-D54, 7.2v, 5400mAh batteries (4)
Kata raincover
The HVX Book, by Barry W. Green
Component/RGB cable
Pelican black 1610 case
(2) Sony DVC 60 mins. tape