Sony DSR-45 DVCAM Recorder/Editor: Mint! barely 40 Hrs w/Extras - Compare!

Los Angeles, California


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This is as close to mint as it gets!

Less than 40 hours of recording/playback use.[see display info pictures]

Original owner, not refurbished.

Has been securely sitting in its dust free box for some time now.
Use it to transfer tapes, edit or for parts
Use it as a transcoder!

I have transferred S-VHS, VHS, 3/4" SP and 3/4 and outputted Firewire 1394 digitally without any loss. That is what accounts for most of the "on" hours.

Condition: near perfection
Appearance: mint
Functionality: all functions work, no known issues

Includes(the basics):

- Power cable
- Remote control (two AA batteries not included)
- New, unused original Sony head cleaner tape
- Operating Manual, Interface Manual and promotion flyer
- Original manufacturer's box and packaging

Extras: [worth nearly $150]

- Two [2] new, unused Sony PHDV tapes, large and mini, w/ extra labels
- Two [2] Switchcraft XLR Fm to XLR Fm
- One [1] Monster THX V100 CV-4 THX Certified Component Video Cable 4'
- [6] RCA Fm to BNC Male adapter
- [6] BNC M to RCA Male adapter
- [6] BNC terminator
- [2] 1/4 Fm phone to Male RCA adapter
- [1] 4-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cable 6'
- [1] 6-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cable 1.5m
- [1] 6-Pin to 4-Pin FireWire Cable 6'
- [2] XLR male to 1/4in Male 1'

Demo Video:

It demonstrates: power on, loading, playing, pause, fast forward, rewind, stop, eject and power off.

Video link: [copy and paste if the link fails]

If you're not familiar with this deck, go to the link below for specs and features. [copy and paste if the link fails]

Discount Price: save $50 if you don't want the "Extras"

Payment: PayPal
Shipping: Buyer pays all costs and insurance

Returns: none available