EVS Broadcast EVS XT2+ Server 6ch (4in/2out) Fully loaded

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Manufacturer's description:

EVS Broadcast EVS XT2+ servers are full digital in PAL (625i), NTSC (525i), 720p, 1080p or 1080i standards. These multi-channel, disk-based video servers are ideal for a wide range of broadcast applications, from sports and live production to playout and transmission.

XT2+ servers work with SAS disks: they are equipped with internal SAS disk array and/or can be connected to a SAS-HDX external SAS disk array.

The XT2+ server is typically used as a high-resolution server with various third-party controllers, applications and automation systems using industry-standard protocols such as Sony BVW75, VDCP, Odetics, DD35, or EVS’ AVSP, EditRec, LinX API. XT2+ series servers can also be controlled by EVS applications:

Live Slow Motion (LSM) for sports production, including replays, highlights editing, and analysis tools like Split Screen to compare 2 synchronized actions side by side, Target Tracking and Painting to highlight a particular detail or provide tactical explanations.

IPDirector: a suite of Windows software applications designed to manage networked EVS video servers. Its applications make it possible to control multiple channels within the XNet network, as well as to log an event, to create and manage clips and play-lists with advanced functions, among others to extract clips from a VTR. It also provides extensive database search features.

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