Canon EOS C100 Mark ii + 24mm-105mm Lens + Ninja-2 Recorder


Ojai, California


Cameras - Video for sale


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I purchased the equipment new to do a documentary, was pulled into a start-up venture and now do not have time to produce the doc. The Canon has 18 hours on the clock (me getting to know the camera). The Ninja-2 gets you to 50Mbps and 10 bit color, it has about 4 hours of use. I have the boxes, manual and extras including connectors, 2 batteries for the Ninja an extra 8-hour battery for the Canon, polarizing filters and more.

I also have Manfrotto 190 sticks with a 520 head for an additional $200.

I can send pics if interested.

I'm in Ojai but get into Los Angeles weekly.