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kimberly shworles

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I was donated some high end studio gear for a project I’m starting in Clark county schools for fall 2019.The money I receive selling the equipment will go for the startup expenses associated with the club.If you or anyone you know would be interested in purchasing any of the listed equipment,you will not only be getting a once in a lifetime deal on such high end components but also donating to a cause that will help kids in Clark county with a technology based future.Email me with offers on any ..
Thank you for your time
Kim shore

Equipment for sale

Tascam CD-301


DVMS 400
Micro boards DVD x10

Yamaha Graphic equalizer model Q2031A

Yamaha Graphic equalizer model Q2031B

Blonder Tongue output combiner oc series

36x36 DVI matrix router

IMR 3600s DVI matrix router w touch screen

DSI 1818 M ll purelink 18x18 DVI matrix router
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