Used Zylight F8 100 watt daylight fresnel with V-mount battery plate and Pelican case


Boston, Massachusetts


Lighting & Grip Equipment for sale

Richard Fomo Productions LLC

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Have owned this fresnel for 9 months with very little use; it is in excellent condition. It comes with barn doors, spot-to-flood dial, DMX port, power/dimming control, WiFi function for the Zylight wireless remote control (remote control not included), V-mount battery plate (fixed to the F8 head), AC power adapter in a nylon bag for hanging on a stand, safety cable, and a 7 piece circular filter kit; which includes a bag with slotted pouches, 5 shades of tungsten correction (2700 K to 4700 K) and 2 grades of diffusion. All filters are etched along outer rim with correction specs (I also added color temp readings along outer rim with a fine tip Sharpie). The F8 has a CRI of 95 and water resistant IP54 rating.

For the stated price, I am including an older Pelican case that can contain the F8 and accessories with the addition of your own packing material or foam inserts. The case has lots of signs of use, but no damage or lack of function. Dimensions are 16 x 20 x 8 inches, similar to the current Pelican 1550 - but this case has no foam inserts. The rubber lining in the case's lid, however, is intact and in good condition. The packing material, in the used case when you buy it, should be considered disposable.