1998 Gerling 15' Rack Ready Production Truck Ford E350 Truck

New York, New York


Miscellaneous Equipment for sale


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1998 Gerling 15' Rack Ready Production Truck Ford E350 5.4L V8 Truck with only 26,000 miles

It runs great, it has been serviced and tuned up. Also, there are new tires and new brakes.

The truck comes with two Honda generators a 5000 to run all the equipment and a 3500 to runs the air conditioning and interior lights. Both generators were serviced as well. The inside of the truck has 4 racks and a console for switcher, camera RCP's & graphics. There is also a second console for an audio board and audio gear to be mounted above and below. The back of the truck has storage for cables and cameras etc. The back storage area 3 feet and the truck production area is 12 1/2 feet. There is also 50 amp power hook up with special power cables in the storage area. There is additional storage in the space above the truck cab.